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We at Miron Heating & Cooling can assist you in improving your indoor air quality –  offering fast and reliable solutions whether it be seasonal tune-up, system upgrade or regular scheduled maintenance. When it comes to indoor air quality, we recommend Rheem products but we are also able to service majority of other indoor air quality units.

Did you know that the average duct cleaner gets approx. 40 lbs of debris out of existing ductwork after a cleaning?  Probably not, we didn’t either.  Now that we know that though, crystal clear air is a priority when we install HVAC system.  Whether you have allergies or just hate to dust, we can install whole house filtration that can leave your family breathing easier with every breath.

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Indoor Air Quality interesting facts:

We are here to improve your indoor air quality -
  • Over 3500 gallons of air each day is inhaled per person
  • The majority of all respiratory problems – 94% of them – are caused by polluted air
  • CDC claims that, as of 2012, 18.7 million adults and 7.0 million children are suffering from asthma
  • A person loses up to 700,000 skin flakes every day of their life
  • A single ounce of dust contains approximately 40,000 dust mites. That means that up to 640,000 dust mites could be in your ductwork

Great indoor air quality will not only positively affect your family’s health, but also benefit your heating and cooling systems. Using proper filtration in connection with accurate maintenance will considerably increase your HVAC system’s lifespan. This will help ensure the comfort in your own home.

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