Furnace Repair – When It’s Time to Call in Miron HVAC Contractors

Among all the things that can go wrong with your home, having the furnace fall into disrepair, or die completely, is one of the worst. They are often easy to fix, but can be expensive to repair if the damage is extensive, and replacing is a sizable amount. 

If you think you might have a furnace repair rapidly approaching, let’s see what the problem might be.

  • Furnace doesn’t heat enough

Furnaces need a certain level of airflow. A clogged filter can be the culprit, or   your furnace is just too small for the space it is heating. If you cannot get to the filter, call Miron HVAC Contractors. We know exactly where they are. 

  • No power to the unit

Even gas units still need electrical power to maintain the level of heat and the temperature. If your thermostat is without power, you cannot set the temp appropriately. Calling Miron HVAC Contractors to check the wiring is your safest option.

  • Gas issues.

If you smell gas…GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. There is a distinct possibility your pilot light has gone out, which means the regulator to fuel the pilot is not putting through enough gas to keep it lit. Another possibility that could involve the gas, your gas valve might be off, or only slightly opened. It is best to console Miron HVAC Contractors if you have any gas issues. Using conventional tools can accidentally spark the gas and the results would be catastrophic. 

For heating a home, a furnace with a good heat distribution system is really the best, and cheapest, way to go. But like anything else, they need routine maintenance. Find HVAC companies you can trust and have them out at least twice a year. They know what they are doing.

Air Conditioning Service

When you have air conditioning that’s used for an extended period of time, old, and not functioning too well, it can pose different kinds of problems. You do not need to worry because Miron Air Conditioning Repair will check the root of the problem and provide air conditioning services in Chicago appropriately.

There are different warning signals that you need to know if you need an air conditioning repair.

  1. Water Leaks: When you see some amount of leakage emanating from your ac, it is time to give our air conditioning contractor in Chicago to fix your ac.
  2. Warm Airflow: If you set your air conditioner on full blast and you only get a warm blast of air, this means that your unit needs an ac repair. 
  3. Clogged Filters: This is often the reason why your air conditioner’s not performing at its best. Unclogging your filters and cleaning the ducts is a good reason for getting ac maintenance regularly.
  4. Clogged Drains: Another reason is your piped might be clogged, or it may have certain obstructions such as debris, mildew, or small plants growing. This usually means that water has entered the unit and may cause problems.
  5. Strange Smells: When you find that your air conditioning gives off a stale, sharp, or musty odor, it is best to call our ac service in Chicago.
  6. Unfamiliar Sounds: When you hear any grating, grinding, or squealing noises from your ac, make sure to switch it off immediately and get in touch with our air conditioning contractors right away.

When you see any of these signs, don’t hesitate to give Miron Air Conditioning Repair a call. We got your back!

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Furnace Repair Cost

The Cost of Furnace Repair

In the winter months, it’s basically impossible to live without reliable heating. Fortunately, there are several furnace repair services in the area, but how much do they cost and what affects this price? In most cases, you can expect to pay approximately $300 for a furnace repair, or, to put it another way, anywhere between $160-$400. In severe cases, you may even get up to $800, but keep in mind that repairs of this magnitude are usually quite substantial and can often be avoided through proper maintenance and regular upkeep.

What Affects the Price of Repairing Your Furnace?

The first factor that any repairman is going to check on is the status of your warranty. If your furnace is still under warranty, its parts are often covered by the warranty, which can knock the price down although you’ll still probably have to pay for service and labor. The next primary factor in your price is going to be the cost of the parts. The more expensive a part is, the more you’ll have to pay for its repair or installation. Particularly expensive jobs include cracked heat exchangers, motor trouble, and issues with fans or wiring.

Your repairman will also have to take into account the age, size, and condition of your furnace. The older a furnace is, the more difficult it can be to acquire parts, making them more expensive to fix. Similarly, a larger machine is going to have more expensive parts and more complex systems which can also add up to a bigger price tag for you. If your furnace is poorly taken care of, a single problem is often symptomatic of a deeper issue within your furnace and you can end up paying quite a bit. In fact, if your furnace is over 10 years old, most professionals recommend simply replacing it altogether.

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How to repair a furnace?

Can I repair my furnace myself?

The best way to avoid furnace repairs is to stay on top of the maintenance. Find your owner’s manual, look it up online if needed, and get to know your furnace and the service schedule. Familiarize yourself with your furnace and how it functions. No one wants to pay for an unnecessary repair. However, when the furnace isn’t functioning properly, should we call a repair service immediately or try to fix it on our own? Experienced DIY-ers can often fix basic furnace problems. Your owner’s manual is the best place to begin. Several websites are dedicated to step by step instructions on how to do basic furnace repairs and can help you troubleshoot and pinpoint the problem your furnace is having.

Basic maintenance and troubleshooting

If your furnace isn’t kicking on, start by checking the thermostat Next, turn everything off and check the filters. Filters should be checked once every three months, more often in polluted (urban) environments or if we have pets. Clogged filters can cause a furnace to shut off. Chronic dirty furnace filters can cause the heat exchanger to crack, necessitating a major repair or total replacement of the heating unit. Check the breaker box or fuse. Make sure the pilot light is on. If not, check that the gas coming into the building is on. Inspect your exhaust flue and drain lines. Any clogging of these can cause a malfunction. Check duct lines for breakages or clogs which may inhibit airflow. Clear debris such as leaves or brush away from outdoor units, intake and exhaust vents. Finally, if you are unsure what the problem is, call a professional. To avoid repairs before they happen, it’s best to have a service professional do a maintenance check on your heating system once a year.

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How to Cool a Room

Stay Cool When it Heats Up

Summers in the US vary greatly in temperature and humidity depending on where you live. What we all have in common is that the weather seems to be getting more extreme. Summers are hotter than ever. Creative solutions for cooling can help ease the stress of summertime heat.

One of the most obvious solutions is to install a high efficiency cooling unit as part of a household HVAC system. However, not every home budget allows this. Other, less expensive options are installing air conditioning units, either permanently in-wall or in windows. These still involve a sizable outlay of initial expense, as well as ongoing energy costs of operating air conditioning units.

A traditional fan works by moving the air around, and can have a dramatic cooling impact. Ceiling fans are great in living spaces and bedrooms, and allow air conditioning systems to be used less frequently. Oscillating fans are also effective, but the noise and the space they take up can be problematic. Box fans placed in windows can help by bringing in cooler outside air; cross currents can be created by two fans in two windows; one pulling air in, the other pushing air out.

A “swamp cooler” can be created by putting a container of ice in front of a fan, which then blows cooled air throughout the room. This works great in dry heat. In more humid environments, dehumidifiers can help pull excess moisture out of the air, which makes warm air more comfortable.

Zero Cost Solution

A solution that involves zero electricity was standard practice before electricity was common. At night, when the air is cool, windows are opened and drapes pulled back, to allow as much air into the room as possible. Early in the morning, just as the sun comes up, the windows are closed and heavy insulated drapes pulled tight to keep out all hot sunlight. This old fashioned technique is effective, but its efficiency depends on how many and what type of windows you have, as well as how well insulated your home is.

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Pros and cons of buying air conditioning

Air conditioning as a great way to stay cool

Everyone are aware that when the summer heats up,only way to keep people cool and fresh in office buildings and homes are air conditioners. Through the summer months they are our best friends. They provide welcome relief from sweltering weather. Air conditioning seems like a good idea especially for people who live in an area that is hot all year long. But it is not great solution for everyone because like everything even air conditioning have its pros and cons.

Benefits and drawbacks of air conditioning

Lets start with all of the benefits that the air conditioning gives us. I think that the most important one is that it reduce a chance of having a heat stroke. People that are the  most vulnerable to have it should stay in the air conditioned rooms and drink a lot of water so, they reduce the chances of having it . What is more, it not only prevent a heat stroke but it also  can help people who have allergies and asthma to ward off attacks of their deseases. So, now we can see that the air conditioners can be sometimes good for our health. Moreover, the obvious pro of having air conditioning is being able to control the temperature of your indoor environment all year long.

Everything got their disadvantages. The one really important con is that the air conditioning can be a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria and fungus. If the air conditioner will not be checked and cleaned the mold and fungus can build up and get blown out into the air which is not good for our health. This brings us to another disadvantages which is duct maintenance. You will need to keep a close eye on the cleanliness of the ducts and have them professionally cleaned at least once a year. Another drawback is that it gives you higher energy bills. You can save money only if you will turn it down at night. So, in our world nothing is perfect and if you want to buy an air conditioning unit you should consider it very carefully.

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