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Air-conditioning units are great additions to any home or RV. With proper AC maintenance in Chicago, these incredible systems can make even the most inclement day of weather a lovely and tolerable experience. Without staying on top of your air conditioning repair in Chicago, however, you can quickly find yourself in a pickle, forced to experience the heat or humidity without a way to cool yourself down. Here are some tips from a leading air conditioning contractor in Chicago regarding the best way to keep your AC systems working perfectly.

Filter Cleaning

Cleaning your air filter is one of the simplest and most-neglected elements of AC repair in Chicago. Your filter is located inside the AC unit’s intake. It is easily accessible and made of a foam rubber which is easy to clean. Simply remove them, wash them gently, and allow them to dry before re-installing them. This simple task can prevent your air conditioning in Chicago from over-working itself and wearing down its lifespan, so be sure to check your filters regularly!

Cleaning the Cooling Fan

The cooling fan, or heat exchanger, is located in the back of your air conditioning unit. This device is necessary for cooling the air which the AC unit is bringing into your home or RV. For lightly soiled cooling fans, you can simply clean them off yourself with basic cleaning supplies, but be sure to be gentle! For more heavily soiled cooling fans, you’re going to want to contact your local air conditioning service in Chicago for professional attention. This is a vital element of your AC unit, so you don’t want to do more damage while trying to DIY the AC repair in Chicago!