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Among all the things that can go wrong with your home, having the furnace fall into disrepair, or die completely, is one of the worst. They are often easy to fix, but can be expensive to repair if the damage is extensive, and replacing is a sizable amount.

If you think you might have a furnace repair rapidly approaching, let’s see what the problem might be.

  • Furnace doesn’t heat enough

Furnaces need a certain level of airflow. A clogged filter can be the culprit, or   your furnace is just too small for the space it is heating. If you cannot get to the filter, call Miron HVAC Contractors. We know exactly where they are.

  • No power to the unit

Even gas units still need electrical power to maintain the level of heat and the temperature. If your thermostat is without power, you cannot set the temp appropriately. Calling Miron HVAC Contractors to check the wiring is your safest option.

  • Gas issues.

If you smell gas…GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. There is a distinct possibility your pilot light has gone out, which means the regulator to fuel the pilot is not putting through enough gas to keep it lit. Another possibility that could involve the gas, your gas valve might be off, or only slightly opened. It is best to console Miron HVAC Contractors if you have any gas issues. Using conventional tools can accidentally spark the gas and the results would be catastrophic.

For heating a home, a furnace with a good heat distribution system is really the best, and cheapest, way to go. But like anything else, they need routine maintenance. Find HVAC companies you can trust and have them out at least twice a year. They know what they are doing.